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Education is not only learning from books, memorising some facts, but also learning how to look, how to listen to what the books are saying, whether they are saying something true or false. All that is part of education. Education is not just to pass examinations, take a degree and a job, get married and settle down, but also to be able to listen to the birds, to see the sky, to see the extraordinary beauty of a tree, and the shape of the hills, and to feel with them, to be really, directly in touch with them. ~J. Krishnamurti

The child’s journey at Loka begins with mixed age groups of 4-6 year olds learning together.

Basic education at Loka creates a strong foundation and the whole child is involved in the learning process.

During these first years art & craft, conversations, play, music, poetry, storytelling, nature walks, observation classes and educational games instil a love for learning. The teacher is always looking for activities during which the child becomes completely engrossed. After three years of creating a basic foundation, students move to primary and middle school and their time at Loka increases from 4 to 8 hours a day. In grades 1-8 a variety of subjects are offered. Books form a guideline and learning happens from near to far; by starting from the child’s world and interests before explaining more abstract concepts. Regular performances and presentations enable students to express themselves creatively and build confidence. Students participate in keeping the school campus neat & clean through manual work. There are yearly school trips and regular art & science workshops. Since beginning 2019 senior students participate in Out of Eden Learn, a thoughtfully designed cross-cultural exchange with other students from all over the world. Special attention is given to deepening the learning, for example through dialogue, reflection, moments of silence and slow walks. Learning at Loka is an ongoing process.

Craftmanship Course

What does the kind of world we would all love to live in look like? Loka’s students explore this question through their education and are equipped to create spaces, design systems and start businesses that provide inspiring answers.

Through a 4-year Craftmanship Course, students aged 14-18 are empowered to shape their worlds through the following themes:

The term ‘Craftmanship’ refers to the excellence we can strive for even when undertaking the smallest act.

1.Education, 2.Healthcare, 3.Farm & Food, 4.New Technology & Innovation, 5. Multimedia &Storytelling, 6.Sustainable Living, 7.Art, Craft& Design and 8.Ethical Entrepreneurship. Students can combine two directions, for example by researching how New Technology can support Organic Farming practices. Or by exploring how Design Thinking in combination with Sustainable Living can make a village thrive. During the course children spend time on online study in the direction(s) of their interest, have practical time to implement skills and learn from each other and receive tailored classes from guest teachers. Students apply what they learn by engaging in purposeful activities, for example by inventing new tools for farming, making public art and community spaces in the village, creating an online newspaper with stories and news from the neighbourhood or setting up a Loka Café. Possibilities to collaborate with the National Institute of Open Schooling ( or connect with a local school where students can take exams are being explored so that Loka’s small team can fully focus on enhancing learning experiences and skills, rather than distributing certificates. After completing the 4-year course Loka’s students are employable and/or fully geared to start their own enterprise. Those who are able and willing can continue their education at University. (The Craftsmanship course is currently being designed & developed and is scheduled to start in 2021.)

Learning at Loka

Education comes from the latin word educere and it means to lead out what is already there. Education nerver stops, it is a life long process.

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