Sanatan Journey to the Sun


Sanatan (12) loves living in his village, because of the trees, the river and farms. Sanatan: What is best about my village is that everybody helps each other. When Shankar (student of Loka) had an accident, everybody visited his house. That is the most important thing about my village. I give water to old people who are unable to walk to the hand pump themselves. Sometimes I go to the market when men are out working or visiting relatives and women, children and old people are alone at home. Together we care for each other and keep our village clean and green. My future dream is to help poor people and teach children in the village so that they and their families can live happy lives. In my free time I would like to give yoga classes to keep all people happy and healthy as some people have physical difficulties that can be prevented.

Journey to the Sun portrays a boy fairy (why can boys not be fairies? -Sanatan) holding a magic wand and a smiling sun. Sanatan: Once upon a time there was a boy fairy. He thought that everybody travels to the moon, but why not to the sun? So he started to fly towards the sun with his magic wand in his hand. He soon found that the rays of the sun are hot, but inside the sun it is actually quite cool. He landed on the sun and found that he had difficulty breathing and he got hungry. At that moment his magic wand was of great help. There were no trees and plants and everything was
coloured yellow. After spending one day on the sun he returned to earth to tell his friends about his trip. As he left the sun smiled at him. He was so happy to have welcomed his first visitor ever.

Title: Journey to the Sun
Made by: Sanatan
Medium: Woodcut
Size: 32×25 cm (paper)
Price: ₹ 10,000/ € 150/ $ 175