Mission Statement

Loka’s aim is to explore ways of learning for a Beautiful, Just and Sustainable world.

This aim is being realised by:

  1. Creating an innovative and inspiring school that is locally rooted and globally connected.
  2. Initiating a Conversation on Education through small scale in depth meetings.

Neither technology, nor politics, nor even ecology can solve the present difficulties of mankind. ~Fabrice Dini

Loka values experiments and innovation in education and its vision is inspired by both Eastern Wisdom and Western Thought. Loka learns from and/or collaborates with dedicated people and accomplished organisations, such as: Krishnamurti schools (Inquiry Based education), Mirambika (Free Progress School), Experimental Schools in Auroville (Community Learning) and Project Zero of Harvard Graduate School of Education (Thinking Frameworks).

Our Location

Loka School & Farm, Manikpur Village, Obra, Aurangabad District, Bihar – 824124, India
Visiting Loka is only possible by prior appointment.
Email: lokafoundation@gmail.com

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