Mission Statement

Loka is a Sanskrit word meaning world or place of existence. It refers both to invisible worlds as well as to our planet Earth and the spaces where we spend our daily lives.

Loka’s aim is to explore ways of learning for a Beautiful, Just and Sustainable world. This is being realised by:

  1. Creating an innovative and inspiring school that is locally rooted and globally connected.
  2. Initiating a Conversation on Education.

Neither technology, nor politics, nor even ecology can solve the present difficulties of mankind. ~Fabrice Dini

Loka values experiments and innovation in education and its vision is inspired by both Eastern Wisdom and Western Thought. Loka learns from and/or collaborates with dedicated people and accomplished organisations, such as: Krishnamurti schools (Inquiry Based education), Mirambika (Free Progress School), Experimental Schools in Auroville (Community Learning) and Project Zero of Harvard Graduate School of Education (Thinking Frameworks).

Our Location

Loka School & Farm, Manikpur Village, Obra, Aurangabad District, Bihar – 824124, India
Visiting Loka is only possible by prior appointment.
Email: lokafoundation@gmail.com

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