Dinesh The Help


Dinesh (13) lives with his two elder brothers and large joint family together in a brick house in the same village where Loka’s school is located. At school Dinesh is especially interested in academics and sports. He gives his full effort in whatever he does. Dinesh is happy when he is surrounded by other people. He never wants to live alone. Dinesh: While lying on the roof before falling asleep below a roof of stars, my Grandmother tells me, my brothers and cousins stories. Interesting old stories with meaning. While listening we usually fall asleep. I rise in the morning at 4 am. First I study for 30 minutes and then I go outside to meet my friends. We run, jump and practice yoga and meditation. We do this every morning.

The Help depicts a bird in the sky dropping a leaf and an ant in the water sitting on a leaf. Dinesh: Once upon a time there was an ant drowning in the river. He thought he would die. Suddenly a bird came and saw the ant struggling in the water. The bird thought he must help, but how? He then saw a tree, plucked a leaf from it and dropped it in the river. The ant climbed on the leaf and floated safely to the shore. My print is about helping. I made this drawing because when we help, everybody is happy.

Title: The Help
Made by: Dinesh
Medium: Woodcut
Size: 32×25 cm (size paper)
Price: ₹ 10,000