Past, Present and Future

Loka’s school opened in 2015 providing regular education with as main differences that competition was replaced by collaboration and art, creativity and sports were considered equally important as academics.

Over the years Learning @ Loka evolved towards a more holistic learning experience that is locally rooted and globally connected.

The next step of Learning at Loka is that students connect more deeply to their local surroundings and realise that the designed world around them is malleable.

Starting from the ‘known’ had advantages; it created understanding among teachers and parents as they are part of a journey moving towards something new instead of suddenly being confronted with the unknown. It also resembles the situation most schools would need to evolve from. From this perspective Loka can be seen as a bridge between what is and a possible future for education. This is especially relevant in a world where governments, schools, teachers and parents are increasingly rethinking the way children are being educated. In the near future Loka’s school is slowly moving towards more hands-on minds-on ways of learning, for example through Maker Centered Learning. This involves students becoming more sensitive towards the designed world around them and realising it is malleable and ultimately believing in their capacity to shape that world through building, tinkering, re/designing or hacking. The extensive research done by Project Zero (Harvard graduate School of Education) is a great resource for empowering Loka’s students to shine in their true potential and uplift their surroundings. Through the blog on this website you can follow how the future of Learning at Loka unfolds and how the small scale endeavours of children living in a remote area are connected to addressing bigger issues including climate change, cultural survival, mass migration and technological innovation.


Education comes from the latin word educere and it means to lead out what is already there. Education nerver stops, it is a life long process.

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Loka School & Farm, Manikpur Village, Obra, Aurangabad District, Bihar – 824124, India
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