Jay Prakash The Kite Flying Man

Jay Prakash

Jay Prakash (11) has three brothers and a sister. His father died in a tractor accident when Jay Prakash was a young boy. Jay Prakash is now being taken care of by his mother and grandfather, a small-scale farmer. In his youth Jay Prakash lost half of his index finger on his right hand when he was playing with an agricultural machine. This makes it difficult for him to write and draw. He enjoys art classes and has a vivid imagination, as you can see in his print and read in his thoughts below. Jay Prakash: Printmaking is a new experience for me. I like to make prints, the procedure is interesting. We learn to draw, carve, print. We use our imagination to tell a story through our prints and make the impossible come alive.

The Kite Flying Man depicts a kite flying a man. Sky and land have changed their positions. Jay Prakash: The Kite Flying Man is about a kite and man playing near the mountains. One day the kite thinks: Why am I always flying? Why does man not fly? So the kite gives it a try and starts moving very fast behind the man. The man then starts to fly far far away in the deep blue sky while the kite remains on earth. As the kite and man changed positions, so do earth and sky. The world has become opposite.

Title: The Kite Flying Man
Made by: Jai Prakash
Medium: Woodcut
Size: 25×32 cm (size paper)
Price: ₹ 10,000/ € 150/ $ 175