Om Prakash Mother Wood

Om Prakash

Om Prakash (10) studies with his brother Jay Prakash at Loka’s school. Om Prakash is a sincere, chaotic, authentic and playful boy. He enjoys doing hands-on work and is very passionate about sports, especially cricket and football. He tends not to talk more than necessarily needed. Om Prakash: I like my school, there are plants, trees and flowers and we learn many things from our teachers. This workshop was my first experience with printmaking. It was very interesting. I liked the procedure and was also happy with the result. (He says this showing a proud little smile and glittering eyes while observing his print.)

Mother Wood depicts a tree with caring eyes and balancing on its branches is a nest with a mother bird and her baby bird. It is a work that honours all trees as they give so much without expecting anything in return, just like a Mother. Om Prakash: This tree is happy because she is special. The trunk is like a neck, she has eyes and a nest forms her mouth. The title is Mother Wood because a tree is like a Mother to us. My mother helps me grow, work and read and trees also help us. They give us oxygen, flowers, fruits, wood and protection from the sun. Mother Wood helps us with many things.

Title: Mother Wood
Made by: Om Prakash
Medium: Woodcut
Size: 25×32 cm (size paper)
Price: ₹ 10,000/ € 150/ $ 175