Saraswati The Intelligent Elephant


Saraswati (12) lives with her parents, brother and sister in a simple house made of bricks and mud. Saraswati: When I come home from school I wash my school clothes, cook and help my mother in the shop. Our shop is in the corner of our house, we sell snacks, shampoo and recently we also started to sell make-up, like lipstick. At home we learn a lot from each other. My mother is teaching me how to be a shopkeeper. My father is a musician. He teaches me to play the harmonium and sing and we often practice together as a family. My sister, brother and I are teaching my father the English we learn at school. He is now able to understand some English. Sometimes I come home late from school and then my parents are worried. When I tell them it was because I was studying on the computer, they are happy. Before my family was not really interested in my education. But since I study at Loka everything has changed. My parents understand why it is important for me to go to school. They see my behavior has changed and I am becoming more intelligent.

Intelligent Elephant portrays an elephant carrying a tree on his back. There are some clouds in the sky. Saraswati: This elephant lives in a house. Every day he needs food but there are no trees in or around his house. So he goes out for a walk and pulls out a tree from the earth. He carries the tree all the way back to his house and plants it in his garden. Now the elephant never needs to be hungry and worry for food as the tree gives him lots of leaves and fruits. This elephant is very intelligent.

Title: The Intelligent Elephant
Made by: Saraswati
Medium: Woodcut
Size: 25×32 cm (paper)
Price: ₹ 10,000/ € 150/ $ 175