Sudhir Boy and Fish in Conversation


Sudhir (12) is the son of a carpenter. From the moment Sudhir started studying at Loka’s school it was clear that he is a born artist. He is always interested in creating something and incredibly inventive. Sudhir: Before I studied at another school. It was only when I came to Loka that I learnt many things, like speaking English and drawing. I did not know what printmaking was before I participated in this workshop. Of course I knew about photocopy machines, but that we can also make prints with our own hands was new to me. I like it because it is something different, a new and fresh way for me to express my imagination.

Fish in Conversation portrays a boy, two fish and a flower in the water. Sudhir: This print was created by first making a drawing, which was then carved into wood. The white on the print shows where the wood was carved away. I made a boy and fish in the water. People mostly relate to fish by killing and eating them, but they never think of having a conversation with fish instead. This boy went into the water to talk to the fish. The fish asked the boy how he is able to understand their language. He replied that Lord Krishna gave him special powers to do so. (note: This is also reflected in the fact that the boy resembles Lord Krishna, which makes us wonder if he is actually Lord Krishna Himself!) Then the conversation between boy and fish starts. They talk about many things. The boy becomes so engrossed in conversing with the fish, that he even forgets to eat.”

Title: Boy and Fish in Conversation
Made by: Sudhir
Medium: Woodcut
Size: 32×25 cm (size paper)
Price: ₹ 10,000/ € 150/ $ 175