Suman The Music Loving Rabbit and Rat


Suman (14) is the oldest student at Loka’s school. Her parents were one of the first to have all three their children admitted to Loka’s school and have been very caring and cooperative towards their education. Suman’s father is a local singer and her mother is housewife. They run a small general store from a corner of their house. Suman: My hobbies are playing badminton and singing. I like to sing along with my brother while he also sings and plays the harmonium. In my house we spend a lot of time making music and learning together. I like studying at Loka. My father always encourages me to go to school, even when I have a fever! He tells me it is very important to study. He wants me to become a teacher.

The Music Loving Rabbit &Rat depicts a rabbit playing the citar and a rat playing tabla. Suman: After thinking for a long time I imagined animals playing musical instruments. They visit fairs where everybody is singing and laughing. The rat and rabbit just thought one day: Man makes music, why not we? They gave it a try. It was a great success.

Title: The Music Loving Rabbit & Rat
Made by: Sudhir
Medium: Woodcut
Size: 25×32 cm (size paper)
Price: ₹ 10,000/ € 150/ $ 175