Loka in Auroville

“Many times big things are being done in this world with small impacts. What I observe here is that something small is creating big change.” ~Student Shankar


Loka is a Small School with Big Dreams located along the Punpun river in Bihar, North-India. At Loka 100 children aged 4-17 receive an education of Head, Heart and Hands and are empowered to create their livelihoods, equipped to uplift their surroundings and enriched with a sense of purpose. Loka’s aim is a more Beautiful, Fair and Sustainable World through an education that keeps our interconnectedness at the core of everything.

Auroville is a universal town in South India where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity.

In August 2022 Loka’s students set upon their first big journey in life; to explore the wider world beyond their village. What could be a more inspiring place to go than the international township of Auroville? After seven years of rigorous and joyful learning at Loka’s school, the time seemed ripe for Loka’s six senior students also known as Loka’s Lions to spread out their wings and travel to a faraway land where dreams are being made into reality through an ongoing labour of love. Auroville is a place where once barren land is now bearing sweet fruits and it is also a great example of living a truly intelligent life where humanity is in tune with the whole of existence. A memory album has especially been created to give a glimpse of the experiences and reflections of Loka students during their visit to The Mother/Mirra Alfassa’s City of the Future: Auroville.

Loka in Auroville Album



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Charlotte Leech

Charlotte Leech founded Loka together with the school’s Director Sanat Kumar. Before Loka, Charlotte worked as a Project Manager and Policy Maker for Art & Culture in the Netherlands. Currently she manages Loka’s communication and educational vision and researches (new) ways of learning through daily interactions and activities with students.