Surviving in my Village

In this blogpost Dinesh Kumar, student of Loka, describes how a global pandemic affects his village along the Punpun river in Bihar.


As we know that due to COVID-19 the whole world is facing trouble. Up to now not any medicine has been found for it. Everybody is helpless in front of it. Due to this virus everywhere is lockdown. Nobody is allowed to go outside, everybody has to stay in their home. If anybody is breaking the rule then they are punished very badly by the police. Due to Corona in the world up to now more than 1 lac 27 thousands people died and 20 lac people are infected.

But I think due to lockdown now people will die because this same lockdown has cut off the livelihoods of poor people. Animals will also die because whole city is lockdown so now they are also not getting any food to eat. In our village nobody is infected from COVID-19 but due to lockdown they are also unable to work. They are surviving by cutting the paddy in their fields. In our village everybody is farmer so they have stored some food to eat. Somehow they are managing. But I am thinking what about the people who were working everyday and fully depended on that work to eat? How they can stop their hunger?

I am requesting from the government that please apply any other rule so people can be saved in both ways; from Corona and from hunger. I will pray that my world become soon beautiful and green like this place you can see on the photo I made.

Thank you.

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Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh Kumar (14) is a student of Loka. He lives in Village Manikpur in Aurangabad district, Bihar. He comes from a family of small-scale farmers and is the first-generation in his family to be educated. Dinesh loves to study and after completing his education he wishes to found schools in villages in Bihar so that all children will one day have access to quality education.

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